Thursday, April 7, 2016


So this is was my fridge.  For the past 3.5 years, he's held all of my perishables, and looked fabulous while doing so.  Shortly after we met, he allowed me to give him a make over- really, just releasing him to express who he'd been all along.

The thing is, he wasn't very good at efficiency, and this isn't a charity...the time had come to say goodbye.  After some nice thoughts, memories remembered, and a few snapped photos, Mike and I pulled the plug, and began cleaning out our fridge.
He lived a good life, handed out many beers, late night snacks, and devoured many uneaten leftovers.

You've been a pretty okay fridge, fridge.  Thank you.  Rest in peace, and may you be the talk of the dump.  You're sure to be the best looking one there (not that looks are what matter- it's what's on the inside ...oh wait...).

...aaaand, here's our fresh new fridge!  All young and vibrant, ready to keep things cold cold cold and all it's feelings inside!

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