Monday, May 2, 2016

advance directives

Yup.  I'm here today to talk to you about advance directives.  But not for too long, because I don't feel like spending too much time on this, and I'm kind of ready to jump on into bed!  BUT!  It's really important.  So you should read this for a hot second.

A few months ago, I watched this movie (you should definitely watch it- it will make the whole point of this post for me, thence leaving me free to not go into too much detail and go to bed, because you can learn it all there!), and was moved to fill out my own advance directive!

If you're all like..."What?!"
 Then go watch the movie!!!  Right now.  Go.  Then come back.

 So if you're like me and eat too many bagels, it's important to know who will be making medical decisions for you in the unfortunate chance that you cannot.  This simple form that you can download online for free is super easy to fill out; bata-boom, bata-bing!  Now Uncle Harry has free reign to tell the Doctors to feed me pure sugar through my toenails!  A few things differ from state to state, like whether or not you need witnesses, notarization, etc.  But check it out!  Sooner than later!  Why not?!
Just don't end up like this guy who fell out of my basement ceiling tiles...womp, womp.
or this guy...

Do you already have an Advance Directive?  Do you plan to get one?  Did you just find out about it like I did after watching that movie?  
Tell me about it!


P.S.- you should check out more of Caitlin Doughty's stuff; her book is great, and I love her youtube channel!  

P.P.S.-  not a sponsored post, I kind of just love her.


  1. Good idea to have that in place...what is the name of the movie?

    May you live long & prosper!

    1. Hey Mom! thaaaanks! (spock hand sign thing). It's called, "Ask a mortician, This season's hottest trend is..." I don't have it set up in a very obvious way (will have to change that), but if you click on the words "this movie" in the second paragraph of this post, it'll take you there! ;)

  2. Got it...thanks! I can't believe the things people did to them "while they were sleeping"! Sad...


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